Sample Pack

We offer two different sample packs to help you decide if our holds are right for your gym or wall.

Color Wheel Sample Packs: If your gym or wall sets by hold color having the right shade of each color is crucial. We have done our best to match the most common shades of the most common colors on the market but we’ll leave that up to you to decide. This sample pack includes 12 usable foot holds in our 7 standard and 5 extended colors for you to compare and make sure that shade is just right for you. After you compare the colors we recommend you set a few easy routes with these holds at eye level so you can see how well the plastic and texture hold up to traffic.  

Hand Hold Sample Pack: If you are not as concerned about the shade of each color and just want to see the quality of the shapes this is the set for you. This sample pack includes 5 random hand holds from 5 random sets in 5 random colors. Perfect for someone who wants to see the quality of our shapes and feel the texture and edges to see how soft or rough they are.

Limit one sample pack from each set per address.


If you order a sample pack and later place an order over $1000 we will discount the cost of the sample pack and shipping from your first new order.

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