As you hike around in the mountains or wander around in the desert you see those dirt cliffs that have the coolest features that make your hands sweat and your heart ache knowing that some of the coolest formations just cannot be climbed. The water eroded dirt creates some of the coolest and most beautiful features that would just turn to dust if you touched them. I had often dreamt of casting some of these formations and making a climbable version.

Our Choss Series by shaper Aaron Culver offer jugs, crimps, pinches and who knows how to hold them holds designed to give you the look and feel of pulling on these beautiful formations without the worry of it crumbling in your hand. 

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Choss Feet Choss Lrg Choss Lrg Jug
Choss FeetChoss LrgChoss Lrg Jug






Choss Med Choss Med Jug Choss Small II
Choss Med Choss Med JugChoss Small II






Choss Small Jug Choss XL Choss XL Jug
Choss Small JugChoss XLChoss XL Jug




Choss Small I
Choss Small I